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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Andrew

Wow what a night!!!! Being right up front on edge's side for the night, i was in for a few surprises and an overall awesome night. U2 were in a word, sensational. And inspirational. And they Freakin rocked!!! The set list posted is totally accurate. I would have to say my favorite song of the night was Angel of Harlem. Ok, i'll break down each song:

Elevation: Glad they opened with this instead of BD, it really got the crowd going. This song rocked the house, plain and simple.

BD: Very good, as usual, nothing new here.

End of the world: Awesome!!!! The band really rocked out on this one!!! Bono KISSED the edge on the cheek!!! Bono fell down too poor guy!!!!

New year's day: After not hearing it the first time around in MTL, this was the one song i was hoping for all day, and i got it. i freaked when that bassline started. This song rules, i have no idea why they dropped it for a while.

Out of control: WICKED!!!!!!!!!! i didn't think we'd get this one, but man was it awesome. During the "slow" part bono mimicked himself as a teenager giving the band's 3-song demo to the "record-company guy" "Hi Mr. Record company guy, we're a 'garage' band and we were wondering if you could listen to our demo tape" Haha good ol' Bono.

Bloody Sunday: Awesome, very wicked. this with the 2 previous songs just blew me away.

Stuck in a moment: Great as usual, one of my favorites off the new album

Kite: Emotional, very emotional. this song really hits home, it's beautiful.

Angel of Harlem!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Edge started this and came out to the side of the ramp, they played it a bit faster than usual, it sounded great!!! just bono and edge sang the first verse together at the tip of the heart, then the full band came in. Wow this was definetely a highlight for me.

Staring at the sun: bono+edge, acoustic, very nice indeed

Bad/40: Incredible. i didn't think they would play it. bono danced with a pregnant woman for a good part of the song. needless to say she was quite happy....it was a nice gesture, he kissed her stomach and she showed it to the crowd and got huge cheers....this song is just so, so good.

Streets: my fav u2 song, i can't explain how good the lights are on this one. they send your senses into a frenzy. The red screen is really cool. There was not one person in the Molson centre sitting for this one.

mysterious ways: Awesome, awesome. I'm not a huge fan of this song but it just gets you dancing. very funky with the "sexual healing" addition by bono.

Pride: Gets the crowd going alright. pretty standard. for some reason i get sick of this song but i don't......

Bullet: ROCKED. bono had the hand held light again, he was pointing it right in my area for a few minutes, turning it on and off with the drum beat.....i think he was looking at this girl beside me who had a sign that said "Bono for world leader"

What's goin on: Awesome, i had never heard this song...but leave it to u2 to take obscure older songs and make them into singalongs. this was really good, nice to hear something different.

with or without you: very nice, i think they ended it too early, they might have screwed it up. shine like stars verse was added.

one: this song gets better with every listen. it's probably the best rock song written in the 90's, if not ever. he talked a lot about politics and war, he was in ottawa the same day talking to Jean Chretien about various things, and he only had positive things to say. he talked for a while i can't remember everything though.......they added a verse of peace on earth at the end of this one.

Walk on: excellent. im not sure if i like it as a closer, but this is a great live song.

What a great show overall!!!!! Thanks U2!!!!!!!

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