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by John

What an unbelievable show!!! I mean, INCREDIBLE!!! I was there on May 27, when they guys declared that we were the loudest crowd on the tour, so far. I can tell it was crazy! My ears weren't able to tolerate the sound of the crowd going wild. Yesterday, believe me, it was even better!! Bono had more energy, the songs were better, stronger, heavier and the crowd warmer and wilder.

There were so many magical moments!!! First, Elevation, as usual, got us jumping and screaming. Beautiful Day was intense. Judas talking to Jesus was quite something too with Bono jumping in the crowded heart.

During the first leg, I thought they were doing New Year's Day and Sunday Bloody Sunday too slowly, mostly with the Get Up, Stand Up part... But yesterday, they gave it a lot of energy and rythm and... They just blew everyone!!!

In the middle part of Out of Control, Bono ask the crowd if they'd like to listen to their new single... The crowd goes wild!! Then, Bono says :"Yes, this is our new single... yes, I'm 17, sir. He is 14, sir. He is 15. This one is 17, sir. Yes..." And we realize he's talking to Mister Record Company!!!

EVERYONE in the crowd was singing along during Stuck in a Moment, Angel of Harlem and Staring at the Sun. It was CRAZY!!! It's really a feeling I can't describe... It's like feeling everybody's soul. It was like a communion.

Bono gave it all in Bad. I had shivers all over my body when he kissed the belly of the pregnant lady!!! It was REALLY beautiful!!!

Mysterious Ways made the Molson Center levitate!!! During Edge's guitar solo, just before "One day, you will look back and you'll see...",Bono screamed in his micro in a way like he did on Please, in Popmart. The end was marvelous. It's alright! Alright! Alright!! ALRIGHT!! ALRIGHT!!

After Pride, they wen't away... I think it's after Pride that Bono, IN FRENCH (Thank Sir!!!) talked to the crowd and said "Last time we came, you had the loudest voices in the world. You made us deafs for fours days..." They leave the stage while a very intense crowd goes LOUDER than loud.

Bullet the Blue Sky, very intense with a pretty pissed Bono!!! What's Going On was excellent! A changed of lyrics in New York, saying "In septembre, the blocks have changed" or something like that... With or Without You ended with the "We shines like stars in the summer night" part, which should be the official version!!!

RIght after that, Bono looked at the other guys. They talked a bit... and DIDN'T get of the stage!! They STAYED on stage and wen't directly to the second encore!!! Bono did a speech for Jubilee 2000 and the drop the dept campaign. A very touching speach, actually. Said "In this time of crisis, we don't realize that our problems take root in poverty. They feel like the world abandonned them. We must not let the fanatics take opportunity of this situation." He talked of Africa. And he ended the song with "Mister Chrtien, you can make it happen. Mister Martin, you can make it happen." The entire crowd and the band were definitely making one. I swear, everybody's energy just communicated...

I don't remember when, but Bono addresses to the crowd, in english this time,to say that "last time, we really had a great time and we wanted to come back. We're really glad we did." He also mentionned that Wim Wenders was with us, or something like this, and that he said to Bono that the Festival du nouveau cinma et des nouveaux mdias was the most beautiful festival in the world. I read that Bono was there during the afternoon, with Wenders, for the Million Dollar Hotel...

Peace on Earth and Walk On are DEFINITELY worth the show, just the two alone... Bono just find the right feeling, the right tone, the right words. The Halleluiah part is marvelous. It felt like 23000 persons praying together. And I'm not even a christian... but it really felt that way!! After the song, they stayed a while on the stage, clapping hands with the crowd and for the crowd. They shaked hands with the first row of the heart. They were smiling and shining!! Larry and Adam even participated to that magical moment. Edge and Bono stayed longer, Bono running from a side to the other, screaming, leading people to scream louder!!! They left the stage and people kept it loud, even when Grace began.

I'm still feeling the intern warmth. I feel soul. I feel elevated. Thank U2!!

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