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by Scott

This show was simply beautiful. My sister and I got chills of emotion on numerous occasions last night at the molson centre but what struck me most was when Bono brought that pregnant woman on stage during Bad and everyone cheered for her. Emotions overflowed and it just brought tears to my eyes. With all that has happened on and since Sept. 11, occasions such as this become even more genuine, emotional and heart warming. Bono's act during Bad was one of much needed consolation. In fact, the general tone of the whole show was of consolation, forgiveness, and peace. Those messages were evident the whole evening - from All You Need Is Love being played over the speakers before the show to Grace as we all left satisfied. Out of Control was just amazing. During the song Bono referred to U2's struggle to get the song produced to a single - "I know it's out of tune sir but we're... just... out of control!" What's Going On was outstanding - the Edge's falsetto is out of this world! Throughout the show I got a kick out of seeing fans in the upper seats jumping up and down as if they were in the heart - that, in and of itself, shows you how spiritually powerfull and united a U2 show is!! I can't say enough about how much I deeply enjoyed the show - God Bless U2 for being relevent!!! Some may shrug their shoulders or roll their eyes when you say a rock concert can positively change your awareness and perception of the world around you, and i admit - a lot of today's music doesn't change the atmosphere of a room, but U2 is a refreshing and much needed exception. I am 20 years old and U2 is and always will be my favorite band.
P.S. to the two guys who sat next to me in Sec 101 row N - It was a pleasure experiencing the greatest show from the greatest band on earth with you. Take care!
And to the stage door watchers - I'm the kid with the U2 Boy shirt - take care, I'm sure we'll meet again!! EL-E-VA-TION!!!!

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