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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Jo-Man

General Admission Floor Tickets - $45
T-shirt at the U2 kiosk - $46
Singing EVERY word, sweating like a river and being One with 20,000 fans and
4 incredible humans - priceless.

I've seen U2 on every tour since the Joshua Tree, and each time I see them I
usually think it was the "best show ever" because of some set of factors
that made it more memorable than the previous. But this show was simply like
NOTHING before. The power and energy of the band, in combination with the
incredible psyche and noise level of the Montreal audience, was like being
at the center of the universe when the Big Bang happened. Flat out rapture.
Everyone, including U2 could feel it - and at the end of the show - even
they didn't want to leave it.

Some high points (far too many to list)-

Standing near the tip of the Heart!

Bono's voice - totally present, strong, clear and passionate - all the highs
and all the lows.

Edge's guitar work - what can you say?

Larry driving the train and smiling all night.

Adam steady as a rock and smirking, as usual.

The roar of the crowd at the first signs of Elevation starting and hitting
full tilt intensity with Bono's first real "ooooo oo".

Judas and Jesus battling it out during Until the End of the World.

Bono's vocal on Kite.

Bono declaring to the band that U2 was a "Boy Band".

Bono during Out of Control play acting U2's teen origins trying to get a
record exec to listen to their demo tape (I was lucky enough to see this
same thing at Earls Court London - where the history actually happened - and
the croud went beserk).

Bono kissing the pregnant woman's belly. (What are the chances that baby
will NOT be named Bono now?)

Bono kissing the Edge on the cheek after Staring at the Sun or Angel of
Harlem (can't recall which one)

Bono standing at the tip of the Heart looking back and purposefully
listening to the band playing with a look of total love, pride, admiration
and enjoyment during (what the heck was the song? - jeez - must have been
caught up in the moment!)

Bono during New York shadow-posing as the Statue of Liberty in front of one
of the drop graphic image screens.

The Montreal crowd during Where the Streets Have No Name - absolute utter
pandamonium. Bono applauding the crowd afterwards.

Bono speaking French.

The Edge's fierce guitar solos on Bullet the Blue Sky and Mysterious Ways.

Bono's finish on Bullet the Blue Sky - screaming "OUTSIDE" over and over
again - and as we all waited to see - not saying "...is America".

U2 abandoning their second encore departure!

Bono's Green Gretsch guitar on One - the coolest.

Bono's speech on current events and its relation to the Drop the Debt

Larry's finish on Walk On.

The boys standing in complete awe and exhaustion at the very end as the crowd cheered so loudly it was literally deafening.

To U2 - thanks for all you continue to do and for not leaving your fans
behind. Your interview for Best Band in the World is officially over - you
can have the permanent job, complete with its full and attendant perks.

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