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by Skip

My wife and I joined our closest friends for the Montreal show 10/12. Our friends are VERY big U2 fans. For us, it was the first time. I was very impressed. Some observations and thoughts:
* Loved the Sgt. Pepper entrance, lights still on.
* All night long, the band displayed a very sincere respect for its audience.
*Musically, Edge was superb and all three (Edge, Larry and Adam) were so laid back and and restained; never once did they stray into a "look at me" mode.
*While I am not a huge Bono fan, I was very taken with both his presentation and his voice, which ranked well above average for a live arena show.
* What few mistakes they made were very subtly corrected with minimal notice.
* On record, I like about 50% of U2 songs, but in concert, they had me 90% of the time- so this obviously speaks well for their performance talents.
* They scrims, video and animation did nothing for me as I felt the lighting and sound were strong enough on their own.
* The audience was very unique; in short: Almost no idiots; Not even many U2 Idol-worshippers but mostly fans of good music.

All and all- a very solid concert. They were professional, in-control, well-rehearsed
and very conscience of what a concert should be: Music and enjoyment for both them and the audience.

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