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by jenny


I still get chills listening to u2 songs on the radio or on my stereo after being present at both concerts in Montreal. I went to the one on May 27th at the Molson Center and had the great privelage of being in the HEART. I waited that line all day, you bet that I was going to get in there. I got to touch Bono's foot.

The October 12th show just seemed better than the first. I was right outside of the heart near the tip of it. I dont know if it was because of the September 11th tragedy, but there was this energy emerging from them that affected the audience. Their songs touched our heart and soul. The experience was overwhelming. still hadnt lost its impact from their Joshua Tree days, if anything the old stuff sounded even better. and and all had that motivational meaning to it in regards to the recent tragedies. I was one happy girl!

Enjoy my pics. I had taken 62 shots but some how the film ruined. Only managed to save 10 pics.

Peace On Earth


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