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by Arnault

Whaou !!!

I was at the Molson Center on this 12th October...Can't belive that I'm gonna see U2 for the second time this year.

In Paris, I was standing at the front row, in front of the heart. I had been more smashed by the "show" than by the music itself. Here in Montreal, I was seated, behind the stage, at an intermediate level, with a good overview on the whole stage (espacially on Larry's drums), so I could pay more attention to the details and to the music.

I was kind of afraid that the set list would be the same as in Notre Dame, since I think that Elevation is probably the best song to start the show. Luckyly, they decided to come back to a more conventionnal setlist. So after a blasting Elevation opening, Beautiful Day and Until the End of the World, the crowd was set for a tremendous evening. This show is delirious !! 14 amazing hits (from Elevation to Pride, including New year's Day, Sunday,Angel of Harlem, Bad..) and the encore : Where the streets..., Bullet the Blue Sky...

Overall, once more, you don't want the show to end...these guys are really the best band on stage in the world. My favourite concert remains Paris however, because it was more emotionnal during the show....and my favourite song of this tour is probably Kyte....what a fabulous song !!!!!

We want a fourth leg guys !!!!!!

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