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by Tommy H

Although I purchased seats on the floor about 65 rows from the stage, I had no intentions of sitting there. After Lone Justice performed, I made my move telling my friend that I would meet at the car if we got separated. Within minutes of U2 walking out on stage for the first song, I had managed to get down to an empty seat in the 2nd row, center on the floor. A girl in the seat next to me explained that it was her boyfriends seat and he was coming back. I turned around and Brian Setzer of the Stray Cats was seated behind me. I quickly took his photo with my well concealed 35 mmm camera and then the house lights went down. I rushed the stage and manged to see the entire show leaninging up against the center of the stage with no one between me and the band. I nervously took photos. Adam was laughing a few times as I tried to focus on a shot of him. Bono brought a girl on stage to dance and he manged to spray me with a bottle of champagne towards the end of the show. Seeing them that close was incredible and the highlight was my favorite song, "Bad". I still have the photos and great memories of seeing them in 1985 at the Nassau Coliseum.

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