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by Steve Hookway

U2 are still the kings no one else can compete with them this gig was as breathtaking as the other two show I have been to on previous tours.

Left Cornwall 11.30 with four mates arrived in the queue at 4.00 and was surprised to see how short the queue was. After playing cards and drinking to pass time, door opening time approached we still had larger left so hid it in a bush nearby hoping to collect after the show.

The doors opened and after overtaking a few slow ones in the queue we all managed to get in the heart just, celebration time. Couldn't believe our luck we never dreamn't of getting in when we left as we had heard we needed to be in the queue by 10am for this. Postioned ourselves at the back of the heart at the tip.

Kelis was ok as support sat down during most of it though. In between the Nec got a very succesful mexican wave going round everyone was up for this. Tension mounted the Elevation track kicked in and then the U2 boys appeared the heart became a jumping mass all wahooing. Track 3 end of the world and Bono made his first trip down the walk way. A lady was lifted up by her partner and as the line of I played the tart was sung he was on the floor laid out with the girl stretched out as far as she could kissing. Edge joined Bono for their famous Bull strut together.

Track 4 was the one I was waiting for will I get New Years Day or not yes I went mental. U2 have so many classics you will always have to miss some but New Year or Discotheque is no competition.

New York and Kite off the new album came off superbly. Then another treat the never aging I will follow sent the crowd in Zebedee mode again this was followed by Sunday Bloody Sunday the first time I had seen this performed live and how memorable it was.

For Desire all the band were at the tip of the heart I was within meters of them the songs mean so much more when you are this close and can actually see facial expressions and the passion Bono puts in to his performance.

Stay was again performed at the tip by Bono and the Edge the other two taking a breather. We were told a story about Adam's leaking bodily gases in there early days when they all travelled in the back of a van and these two alsatians jumped in thinking they had found drugs going mental but it was Adams horrific smelly arse.

The Fly was another highlight although at first disappointed at knowing we were missing out on Pride you can't have em all. Bono was racing aroung the stage and heart walkway then crashed into one of the video screens tapping his mic against it to give a squashed fly affect which cam acroos brillant.

The band went off stage the crowd roused up the chant How long must we sing this song from Bad which was played earlier. The boys returned for the final songs Bullet The Blue, With or Without You and One and finished with Walk on.

It was over a memorable gig absolutely fantastic and so personal being in a stadium over 20 songs what more can you ask for.

Got the essential tour t-shirt £16 not even a rip off considering some groups. Got outside found the spot of where we hid the beers and yes they were still there cracked em open on the way back to the carpark. A weary journey home listening to the Levellers and discussing our highlights arriving back at 4am.

Thanks for a great day U2 and mates Bathey, Cake shop, Jim Bob and Yoey

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