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by Derek

Here is a review of my SNL eperience that I had posted on another site.

Well I am sure we all saw how incredible U2 was last night and I happened to be one of the lucky ones in the crowd. Being my first and definitely not last SNL experience (hopefully) I figured I would share my thoughts. I had put in my application back in August for tickets and when I got the confirmation I was so happy. Then when I took a look at the date I realized it was the same weekend as my 3rd wedding anniversary. So my wife and I decided to make it a weekend in NY to celebrate.

We got in line around 9:30 which was a good time because within 10 minutes the line had tripled in size. I assume this was due to the lineup for the show.

When we were seated I knew it was going to be a good night because they placed us up top right in front of the musical stage. Our view of the rest of the set to the right of the main stage was blocked by lights and other stuff hanging from the ceiling. But hey, being so close to U2, I didn't care! They also had TV screens everywhere so we could watch the other skits. During the first few skits I happened to turn around and there was Conan O'Brien standing right behind us. A pleasant surprise. U2 and Vertigo was awesome. So much intensity from the band and they had the crowd going nuts. They came out early before the second song and Bono explained some of the meaning behind the song and how he was given a new voice as a gift from his father. Around the same time my wife looked at me and said, "Hey, isn't that Woody Harrelson?". I turned around and standing right where Conan had been earlier was Woody Harrelson. Double bonus!

Now as you all saw, the ending was the best I have ever seen. They had the crowd and the cameramen going crazy. To my surprise the whole cast remainded on the main stage and were all dancing like crazy to I Will Follow. The most intense was Amy Poehler. She couldn't stop bouncing around and singing out loud. And she was rewarded at the end of the song as Bono danced with her on stage and gave her a nice kiss on the forehead as she was wiping away tears. I am sure he made her night, as he did all of us.

As you may have seen just before the show ended, Bono said "One More!". Well he not only played a fourth song (All Because of You) but he closed the night off singing Vertigo a second time. I am sure if he could have he would have played for another hour, he looked so genuinely excited to be there.

As we were leaving we happened to catch a glimpse of Woody and his jacket was off, sleeves rolled up, and he was bright red. I guess he enjoyed the music just as much as all of us!

So needless to say I will be applying for tickets again next year but I can't see how it could get better. The lady that took us down in the elevator summed it up when she said "I have never seen anything like that the whole time I have been working here, you guys are really lucky!"

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