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by Mark A

Lose the claw, fill the stadium with sound. U2 sounded great last night. Beautiful Day with a message and recitation from astronaut Mark Kelly was especially poignant. The rest between shows is good for Bono's voice -- he was in good form. Zoorapa was especially powerful, and it makes one wonder why U2 haven't performed it more frequently. Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday were powerful, considering the world situation.

The claw was a real disappointment. I sat in the third tier, with a pretty good line-of-sight. It just sort of sat there. I think the band is relying too much on special effects, which is a shame considering how good U2 sounded. Ignoring the claw, I just sat back and enjoyed the music.

High points:

Beautiful Day
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Zooropa -- wow
Pride -- best this song has sounded in a long while
Moment of Surrender
All I Want is You

Low points:

With or Without You -- I can live without this song; it's not very inspired anymore
Walk On -- a great song on ATYCLB, but not the greatest U2 song of the 21 century
I'll Go Crazy Remix -- wish the band would have played Breathe or Fez

I can honestly say that if U2 shortened the show, it would have been better. That said, I really enjoyed myself. I rank it among the top half of U2 shows I've seen (over 30).

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