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by Caroline Von B

It was my first time in the Republic, and as far as I was concerned I was on holy ground. My hopes and dreams for Ireland had not yet been shattered. Innocence is bliss.

After travelling around the country with a friend we made it down to Cork expecting tickets hard to come by. But there were plenty left.

Inside the venue we made it up to the very front, on Edge's side. It's his birthday.

I'm disappointed with the audience, they seem subdued compared to the crowds I've been in in Rotterdam.

The band play a good gig, Sunday Bloody Sunday's the highlight, stretched out to twice its normal duration, the audience chanting 'wipe your tears away' endlessly while Bono raps: "Sing it for Belfast, Derry, Cork, Dublin, Waterfoord, Galway City, Sligo!"

He talks to the crowd about Cork, the early days. Cork made him feel like he was in a band. How the crew claims it is the real capital of Ireland.

He dedicates Pride to Joe O'Herlihy, Tim Buckley, Tom Mulally, Sam O'Sullivan, Steve Iredale.

And when they play Party Girl a giant cake is rolled out on stage, and a familiar looking girl leaps out. It's Aislinn, Edge's wife.

The concert ends abruptly when the band leave the stage and a voice tells us to 'Move slowly through the exits and do not push, thank, you.' This is repeated for the next twenty minutes and remains my lasting memory of the concert.

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