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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by FJMorga

This concert was the first concert I ever attended. I am proud to say that, whenever someone asks what my first concert was, I happily reply, "U2". I was fourteen and I was extremely happy. Finally I was able to see U2 live. What I remember the most, is when the intro to "Where the streets" started the roar of the crowd. It just seemed fit for the four guys from Dublin whose music is so sonically unique, inspiring, and uplifting with different textures, melodies and shades that always have the power to stay in your mind. I had been listening to their music since '83 when as a gift, my brother-in-law gave my first album, U2-WAR. It was a great concert from beginning to end. We actually left the venue while the band was playing the last song and I remember seeing 3 limos rush out of the venue as we were walking along one the roads leading out to the main road. I saw a hand from one of the limos throw something out to the people trying to keep up on foot. They were actually U2 stickers that were thrown out of the window. I picked up a few from the floor and still have to this day.

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