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by Josh White

The first Calgary show, was so amazing, that words cannot describe it! During a 10 hr wait in the cold outside the Saddledome, the anticipation rose as hundreds of fans outside chanted many U2 tunes for local media. Finally the moment came and the 2+ hour concert began. It was amazing how Bono, and The Edge interacted with the croud. I was inside the heart, right up at the front stage, not ten feet away from the band! It was amazing and surreal in many ways seing every facial expression of all the band members. The highlight of the show for me was when during Sunday Bloody Sunday, my friends and I held up a sign we made that said "Fuck The Revolution!" and Edge squinted to read what it said, and looked right at us and gave us a little chuckle and nod of approval, it was incredible to interact with the band like that. Definitely a brilliant move coming back into arenas. Other great moments were Bad, Streets, New York, New Years Day, One, Desire, and a beuatiful and very melodic Fly- probably my least favorite song from Achtung Baby, but now my favorite live. Crowd was awesome, the band was awesome, the night was awesome. U2 is the greatest band to ever walk the planet, hands down.

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