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by tracy l

To hear Bono "live" for the 1st time ever was one of the most earth shattering, OMG, OMG moments of my 44 year life. Traveling over 2000 miles 1 way(ohio)and visiting Seattle for the first time ever was AWESOME! The before the concert story is so worth telling!! 2 tickets were bought in feb/2011. My friend backed out. So I came all by myself with both tickets. I met up w a man (thks kev)on the corner and told him I have an extra tick. Could you help me..??. Patience I was told, 2 other people came along and said they would help (thks trace and steve) they needed to still buy ticks. Everyone wants 2 get better seats for this show. Well my new friends found "kitty" from Calvary, (small world) and her 2 friends. I had 2 pass a test of 1) who is your favorite member of the band? 2) what is your favorite song? 3)And why are you here??? 1 the answer is Bono, 2 everyone of U2 songs is a fav! 3 because my life just did a 360 (ironic)!!! Apparently I passed and was told by Kitty, I have 1 extra tick but you Must give both of your tickets away (220$). I agreed. In front of Quest Field, saturday night of June 4, I yelled -""I have 2 free concert tickets, who wants them?"" ??? I yelled this for a few minutes, I think the people thought I was "Nuts". But I finally had a young gentleman come up and he took 1 and then finally an older lady took the other one!! Both offering to buy them, which I refused.. UNBELIEVABLE!! SERIOUS, I still can not believe all this happened before the concert!! I hope these 2 people enjoyed the show as much as I did!! It was just an amazing experience the whole night. The crowd could not have been better, seattle rocked out!! PLUS U2. Really, seriously U R a God!!! It is so wonderful to see so much love and people who give back.. I am so glad I came and met some wonderful people!!! Xxoo's. TL. Ps I think I'm going 2 turn into a trekkie fan. I'm all ready looking at St Louis or Chicago shows!

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