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by RAZEit

Great news, U2 fans: this was easily the best sound system I have ever heard in any stadium concert ever. It really was impressive considering that our seats were located near the back of the 240s section, far from the stage. The sound was even better than the sound from the last U2 concert I attended when I was still in college, in Syracuse, NY, during the Joshua Tree tour.
No doubt U2 puts on a great show; after all Bono is a great showman. I do enjoy that he uses the band's fame to try to help mankind. He thanks the audience for being loyal fans, and he tries to give back to the people.
The giant video screen was amazing. I did nit feel nearly as far from the stage as we really were because of this massive screen. Great job with that, and overall the spaceship thing was cool.
The one glaring problem was, unfortunately, the setlist. I've seen the setlist from the other shows: they are almost all identical. I've read other reviews: many fans are perfectly happy with the setlist. Not me. It makes me a little unhappy. The new album is pretty mediocre, to be kind, and unfortunately they played six or seven songs from the No Line album. Oh well. As an older U2 fan, I guess I'm bound to be disappointed with the lack of older songs that they play on their newer tours. I was looking for more songs from the older albums that have that glaring guitar riffs, that powerful sound with the Bono vocal screams that grab you by the back of the neck, stand you up and force you to sing along with songs like Gloria.
Who knows about the newer fans, they may be perfectly happy with the shows. I have seen several fans on here that were very pleased with every aspect of the 360 tour. Great. Have fun. Pass it on. Not for me, though. I would rather just go see Muse all by themselves. They have they raw, driving power that U2 once had; that strength that comes from being still hungry. U2 has nothing left to prove, and they're not proving it. Peace to all you U2 fans out there! Enjoy!

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