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by jasmine

The concert was my first U2 concert and it was SOOO good. I got there 2 hours early, but i was ONE person off from being inside the heart. I was right outside of the heart, though. During "Until the End of the World", Bono made his way around the heart and the guy behind me lifted me up, and Bono stopped right in front of me. He continued to sing, and I stuck my hand out, and he barely touched it. Then I started falling, and he yelled "COME ON!!!" and the guy behind me pushed me back up, and Bono took my hand and kissed it!!!! And then I cried hehe. The next day, there was a picture of bono touching my hand on the FRONT PAGE of the Dallas Morning News. Anyway, the concert was wonderful. It wasn't just music. It had a whole feel and emotion to it. I cant wait until they come back!

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