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by bain

This show had a special quality to it that even Bono acknowleged after the first set,
when he was going underneath the stage, one of the heart people said he glanced back at the crowd and said "Wow!". He was full of energy, kicking things, racing around the heart more than once-- His voice sounded rich, much better than in the Austin show 3 weeks earlier.

The Out of Control story ('would you listen to our tune? would you listen to our tune --- NOW?") about the early days in London was adorable, and the tune kicked ass as
only a 25-years together band can play their first single. The audience went insane
for it.

Brilliant version of Bad, with Wild Horses added, and the roar of people singing along threw even him, I think. I think some of us were just in ecstasy when they played In God's Country. (someone lucky got his harmonica, darn it)

The way that Still Haven't Found slams into Pride is such a high point, it's as if we all got airborne at that point. No breath in between, just BAM, with the Edge's guitar, and
those lights blazing. wow, and I thought I was kinda "so-so" about Pride these days.
Bono sang it as if he were all of 23 or so. Not stale at ALL.

I finally realized I was weeping, and so were people around me -- you could hear
sniffling -- when, during the extra verse of Peace on Earth, as the names on the
screen still scrolled, Bono was singing the "reading names out on the radio" part
and instead of the original names, he turned and sang off some of the names of those
9-11 victims that were still scrolling behind him. That's when I just lost it.

We waited a long time to see them come in, and the motorcade was thrilling,
Bono rolled down the window and waved, but they were very late, and sent
their apologies that they couldn't come greet us.

it was a magical night, best concert I've ever been to -- I missed hearing With or
Without You, but there was no need to play it -- we all FELT it.

"with your heart and your soul... "

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