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by Lee

Seeing U2 at Rupp was a must for me since I saw them there for the first time in 1987. I've already seen them in Atlanta this tour, so I knew what to expect. Kite was nice to hear for the first time. Desire was a fun singalong. Great to finally hear something from Zooropa, but I miss Gone & Sweetest Thing. In Atlanta, I was in the heart so I didn't get to take in all the visuals. This time, in Gold Circle, I was able to see the screens and more of Bono's showmanship. Great moments were seeing how much Bono and Edge seemed to be enjoying themselves. Though Bono supposedly had a sore throat, his voice held up for the most part. In 87, he lost his voice during Bad, so it was great to hear it sound so good. Streets was awesome. Just look out over the crowd, dancing and jumping. Amazing. Bono and Edge were great together during End of World & Desire. Another great show. Looking forward to Columbus on Monday and getting "Into the Heart." Last show of this leg for me.

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