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by ad

was in cleveland the night before... stopped in columbus to attend a couple of classes and headed down to lexington to the show.

nothing like hearing lexingtonians discuss their favorite concerts. i hope the guy who saw aerosmith back in the early 90's changed his mind after tonight's show.

we arrived to the GA line at 5:20... 25 people too late to get into the heart but that was ok. it worked out EVEN BETTER as we managed to secure a spot right on the tip of the heart. we were actually glad they played the same set list again because it was like two distinct experiences of the same show. bono was at our eye level half of the night.

pj "rockin'" harvey - she's great.

until the end: touching bono's shoes; bono and edge dual right there!

stay: into my cell and onto my answering machine at home.

with or without you: bono jumped off the stage and walked the entire outer heart behind the baricade

watching bono interact with head of security (is this dennis shehan?) while at the tip of the heart.

bullet: what a media blitz. good good stuff. terrible terrible nra. bono also said "live on closed circuit televised to an invited audience" and then he pulled the "trigger" on his handheld spotlight shooting himself in the head and falling on his knees. no doubt this was a commentary on mcveigh's upcoming election.

walk on: "to the almighty to the almighty!"

we got a hold of bono's "streets psalm 116 prayer" sheet.

If you are going to more than one show, go for the tip of the heart if you have the opportunity... better pictures of bono and edge and stage in general.

see you in columbus.

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