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by Auggie

Simply incredible! This was my second show on this tour and I must say that U2 has tapped a spirit of friendship and love that I have rarely seen.

I was thrilled to talk to other fans before and after the show who had been to Atlanta as well. In Atlanta I was inside the heart and was a little dissapointed at first that I did not make it in this time. However, this quickly changed as soon as the band took the stage. From my spot at the tip of the heart I could see the entire band and just what kind of presence they truely possess. Awesome!!!

One of the most memorable moments for me was to look across the catwalk and see a man dancing with his eyes closed, hands folded as if in prayer and smiling bigger than anyone I have seen in a very long time as "Walk On" played in the background. There was such a sense of brotherhood and peace floating through the crowd that I never wanted the show to end. I can't wait to see them in Indianapolis on Thursday, and I hope to see everyone that I talked with as well.

And guys, after reviewing your application for the job, I (as well as everyone else who has seen this tour) am pleased to inform you that you have earned the position as the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD.

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