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by Daniel R.

This was my first U2 show. I have wanted to see them since about 95 when I was turned on to them but have never had the opportunity. My seats, (because I ordered them the day they went on sale and apparently couldn't get GA and couldn't swing 85 or 130 bucks for tickets), were in the back left-hand corner and the sound was absolutely terrible! But it was still a magnificent experience. Normally I would be very upset b/c the sound was so bad, but here, the energy of the band and the spiritual aspect of many of the songs shined through anyway. I felt like crying with joy during the very spiritual 'Streets' and 'One.' One slightly funny moment for me was when they showed the NRA clip. I wondered how that would go over in middle America where gun posession is a sort of religion. I guess I figured that one right. Oh well, different views is what makes the world go round.
Because the sound was so bad, I couldn't make out alot of what Bono said. So... I was wondering if someone could post what he said during 'One' when he normally sings "Did you come here to play Jesus/ To the lepers in your head." It sounded different to me but I couldn't hear it well. Also, does anyone have links to pics, pics, or mp3's of the show? If so, email me at danshan1@yahoo.com.

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