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by kate the great

U2's lexington show blew me away. i wasn't sure what to expect from such an unpredictable band, but i knew it'd be unreal-- mysterious, perhaps. seeing one of my favorite bands in my hometown had a certain effect on me that would be incomparable to seeing them in any other place. i truly realized what incredible musicians and performers U2 makes up. by the way, lexington loves them to death. the crowd was vibrant and rupp arena echoed a certain kind of love for them that night. they should stop by more often...
furthermore, i was watching rattle and hum the other night and i recognized how much U2 has progressed as performers. they're no longer timid in front of large crowds. they've grown accustomed to the size and have come to love it. also, i was reading one of my vintage rolling stone magazines and bono stated that he felt like it was an accident that he became a performer, like he doesn't belong there almost. what a joke!! he is perhaps the most passionate singer i've ever spectated in my life. the band is definitely elevating to new heights of maturity and wisdom... going for a second dose in indianapolis, bono's birthday.. :)

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