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by Mark Rutkowski

Last night's performance at the Somerville Theatre was as surreal an experience as could possibly be for a U2 fan. The ticketing and bussing at the Science Museum could not have been botched worse but once en route with a full blown police motor bike escort the two hours of frustration completely evaporated. Davis Square was packed with onlookers held back by barricades as we, the incredibly fortunate representation of the fan hood, were led right up and in the front door. The Somerville Theatre is old, small and simple resembling more a setting for a local battle of the bands than a stage set for musical greatness. Yet these legendary rockers were almost within reach from my 3rd row balcony seat. The crowd could not be quieted and just about drowned out the band, making lyrics impossible to hear, at times. Surreal, magical, and imprinted in my rock n'roll DNA, I will cherish the memory for the rest of my life.

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