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by Ron S

It was A typical South Florida summer night except that the best band in world played in front of 80,000+. It was HOT, sticky, and sweaty and the weather was just like that too!! One word says it all - ENERGY. I thought Bono did a great job getting everyone fired up, great into with the Achtung baby revival with the first 4 songs. I've seen them 34 times all over the world and tonight was great. The Edge was on tune but lacked his usual spunk- Bono said he was hungover. Larry and Adam jammed hard, both gave it all.

Great to hear Zooropa for the first time in almost 20 years. Wish they did more of their not so main stream stuff more often.

All in all a great show, looking forward to Philly and Pitt over the next few weeks. I hope everyone out there who hasn't seen this tour yet, get's a chance to do so. It's a spectacular show with lights, sound, and most important ROCK and SOUL!!!

Words to live by--- "Time, won't leave me as I am, but time can't take the boy out of this man!" Amen Bono, Amen!

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