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by Daniel

Second show for me on this tour, and the first time I was on the field. I was a little reluctant to buy field seats, but it was truely amazing to be on the ground looking up at this magnificent stage and show. Having seen this show in 2009, I'm glad it has been changed up a bit, although, I was sad to not hear so many good tunes from NLOTH. The absence of those songs left me a little empty. On the other hand, I was so happy to finally hear Even better than the real thing live for the first time. I loved this show, I just wish Bono would let go of Miss Sarijevo, it never has fit and it's not a great song, but I hear he really likes it. I'd go for Elvis Presley in America over that one. I even liked Zooropa being played and I still don't own that album.
I'm somewhat sad to see this tour end, but I really want them to go back to arena shows where there is a more intimate feel. They said they prefer the arena shows so I say let's have them and soon. Please put out a new album sooner than later please.

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