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by macmango

Miami was a great success! Hometown show - great to see U2 again in the same stadium I witnessed the Outside Broadcast in 1992. It was great to have my wife and two boys at the show. First show for Tricia & the 9 yr. old, second show for the 12 yr. old, and my 9th Miami show.

While rain poured down in Broward county, only random drops came down at the stadium, ahead of 5:30 pm. The heat fear-factor never materialized, and the weather was actually pleasant during the show - what a relief.

Bono made a point to say U2 has had some of their best shows in Miami, and spoke about playing this stadium for the third time (and third tour). He gave much credit to the latins at the show, and praised Miami, Florida for being the gateway between South America, Latin America, the Carribbean, North America, and Ireland.

Bono admitted that he can't dance. Larry Mullen doesn't even try to dance. Adam? he enjoys having others dance for him - attractive people. He pointed out that The Edge CAN dance, and was out on South Beach Tuesday night drinking and dancing at Vita. It was said that The Edge's drink was literally bigger than his head.

I do not recall an audience singing as vocally as last night, as Bono let the crowd take over songs at least three times. Vertigo was the biggest kick of the set, with Streets a close second. Loud, party atmosphere from a hyper-melting-pot crowd. It wasn't just the pit going off, but the upper deck fans were just coming unglued. So cool to see how successful the band can be connecting with people near and far.

We stood at the rail behind the Red Zone on The Edge's side, which was fuller than usual. Inside the Zone were Mario Andretti, Jake Berry, numerous crew with their guests, folks of many ethnic backgrounds, and the so out of place guys in business attire. Furthermore, can't say the Zone was too tame last night after a fight very nearly broke out between a girl and guy. It was a nice spot to watch the show from, with great sight lines. The energy was somewhat lacking, but there's a lot to appreciate from here, especially if a break is needed from the standard GA positions.

Sure was nice to have the North American debut of North Star at the show. Upon conclusion, Bono said "Maybe we should rehearse this one a little, 'note to self'." Incidentally, there was no sound check by the band prior to show. Daw Suu returned on the screen after a brief absence, and the Boss did not appear (no Magnificent, of course).

To accommodate the late arriving crowd, probably due more to tailgating than traffic, Florence and the Machine began at 7:30 pm, and U2 not until 9:15 pm. Continuing the time theme, U2 left the stage at 11:30 pm, and we left parking purgatory at 1:05 am. Driveway? 2:21 am. Alarm Clock? 3:30 am. Finally, the time (or maybe not a time at all) printed on the 360 screen as the opening chords of UTEOTW began? "4:33".

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