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by Erika Sorensen

This concert was amazing. Earlier in the day Bono, Adam, and The Edge came out and signed our autographs. That was always my dream to meet them and get their autographs. I have been a fan for 18 years and this was the best U2 show that I have seen. I just attended once of the New York shows and it couldn't compare to the Mpls show. Bono really got the crowd going here in Mpls even more so than the Chicago and New York shows I have attended. This show seemed so much more intimate than any other I have attended. When Bono sang City of Blinding Lights it was magical especially when the ticker tape started to fall from the ceiling. I was thrilled to hear Beautiful Day. I couldn't believe how much the crowd got into the show. It was definately louder than the New York show. There were times the crowd was singing louder than Bono.

The night was topped off by Bono reading my sign that read "Bono, I lost 75lbs to dance with you" and he pulled me up on stage and danced with me and we sang together. I couldn't of had a better night of my life. I am still on shock about the whole thing. I still can't believe that the picture of Bono and I on stage together ended up on the front page of the paper the next day.

This was an amazing show and not just because Bono pulled me on stage. This was an amazing show, because those four men and the crowd made it amazing

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