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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by TJ

Show 17 for me on this tour and an excellent show at that...Especially since this is my hometown...I thank the crowd for repsonding to the boys unlike that flat crowd Sunday night that I had criticized on last nights review...The boys performance was great as ususual,just was happy to see the crowd repsond to that energy.....Right from the opening bell with COBL the crowd was juiced which was great and it continued all the way through,from COBL to 40 and with Gloria in the set as well as my favorite from the new album Crumbs...I was very surprised to hear it....I guess my Crumbs Campaign is making headway...Myself and Sister Ann thank you for that...17 down 1 to go....For my last show in Hahtfid I have a GA...I really hope for that dam ellipse......I should've written that Santa and Elvis were in the Gahden tonight and that would've told you all you needed to know about tonights show...How can you have anything less than a great show with Santa (I gather Mrs Claus let him out for the night)and Elvis in the building..See ya in Hatfid...I'll be recovered by then...I hope...I have a major headache at this point...Please Bono a little less on the Oh Oh Oh's at the end of Pride....

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