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by amanda

Well, the boys just continue to amaze me!!! This was my 4th show on this tour - was in Denver 4/05, Boston 5/28, and for the last October show here before last night...the only thing that disappointed me about last night was no "Bad" but the encore rocked - "Crumbs..." - need I say more? And Santa and Elvis were great! Always nice to see a change from the usual girls (although I was one of those girls back on Aug. 23, 1992 - I get a bit jealous when I see him pull another one up on stage! J/K) We were way up in the nosebleeds for last night - the sound was not super, but they still rocked - our crowd was decent - there was a cute older couple (60s) dancing and singing their heart out - so fun to watch! One of the highlights for me is always WTSHNN - when I hear Edge break into that riff - I just melt!
No more shows for me this year...how long will we have to wait for the next tour???

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