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by The G-man

*photos to come*

8 years and a long flight from the other side of the country and at last, the time had arrived. After queuing for about 6 hours in the baking sun with dashed hope after dashed hope of the doors opening early, we made it in, and to the front area just near the B-stage on Edges side. The tension mounted as the clock ticked ever closer to show time. Unbelievably, after a sun drenched day, it started to rain just as Arcade Fires Wake Up kicked in.

Out came the lads and it was on (rain what rain??). The band ripped through their set and we swallowed it all up. It felt like just us and the band almost forgetting that there were 60 or so thousand people behind us.

Bono sang a few lines of Kylies Cant Get You Out of My Head during Elevation which was great her opening night was the following night, also in Sydney. When Edge came out to the B-stage during UTEOTW, everything seemed to lift even more. The classics were classic, the ATYCLB songs were fantastic, Yahweh was great (though strangely placed), Bonos mention of our men and women in uniform serving overseas was moving, and the final run of the main set was electric.

First Encore the poker machine on the screens presented our Prime Minister next to Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil frontman now politician) much to the cheers and boos of the crowd, depending on ones political persuasion. Then Zoo Station started an absolute favourite of mine that got me right up there again, as did The Fly another favourite. With or Without You was great and one lucky aussie girl was dowsed with a bit o Bono charm.

Second Encore Saints what a belter you can tell the lads are enjoying this new baby! Angel of Harlem finished with Bono commenting on not wanting the show to end as he was having such a great time werent we all  Then finally: Kite Aussie hybrid version. Sounded great with the didgeridoo, and the ending was well intentioned as well as dramatic.

The concert was amazing, the band were amazing. I jumped out of my skin on many occasions. It was great to see them live, in the flesh, to see things not always go according to plan (ie Bono forgetting lyrics, band not quite ending Angel of Harlem right, and the kite stunt not going entirely smoothly) but I was there, and not watching a DVD that had been filmed over a couple of nights that had had the best bits put together. This was U2, honest and raw, and I was fortunate enough to witness it and be a part of it.

Thank you U2 for one of the best nights of my life - Im hoping Sydney 2 will be the other one.

Oh, and apparently it stopped raining after about 4 or 5 songs, but I couldnt tell ya.

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