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by ilovethisband

Great show, of course! I saw both nights they filmed in Chicago in May, and both were great -- can't wait for the DVD's release Nov 15th! (Not to mention this was my 12th show since 1986) However, Wednesday's show was awesome but for different reasons. It seemed to be more "from the heart" and not as calculated and planned. The way they mixed the set list up to embrace the crowd in the moment (Obviously Fast Cars was not on the list at that time-Bono directed the mates on that one). The snippet of "Do You Think I'm Sexy?" early in the night set the mood for the fun we were ALL going to have. Bono seemed playful Wednesday and his movements on stage at times seemed to be inspired by the moment. I also think Adam didn't seem AS into it as he has shown he can be earlier in the Vertigo tour, but it seemed he was more himself. He didn't wave until he was in the stairwell when he left the stage. Just doing his job, happily and comfortably. Larry --I think actually saw him smile a couple of times! Taking the hat off the mic stand at the end was poetic.
The Edge, lives up to expectations needless to say. They truly comprise the best band.
Why did Bono come out with his guitar for One, then someone came on state and took it back and he said something like "they took my guitar, that's weird".
The classics were played, the crowd enjoys them obviously. The addition of Miss Sarajevo, OOTS and WGRYWH were my favorites. I also believe this rendition of SYCMIOYO literally brought Bono to tears early in the song, at least choked him up. I love that he takes his glasses off for it, since it's such a personal song and expereince he's sharing with thousands. Before Fast Cars he said "here's one you don't know" and I'm sure there were some long time fans that never heard it before. How cool to heare it live for the first time ever!!
Congrats to the girl "with no name" on her dance with Bono. She was fearless!
As far as my seats, in section 218 was fine, best I've had for a U2 show yet, but I've realized, it doesn't matter where you sit, (unless you're in front of the stage) because the emotion and excitement at a U2 show fills the whole space. It's good to know all the $$ we give these guys to entertain us for 2+ hours not only has given them "a good life" but it's gone to assist worthy causes. It was a great night, a great show, and I sure hope the rumors of a Stadium tour in the US next summer are true!

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