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by Father Paul and Son Alec

No I'm not a priest. I took my older son to the Chicago Saturday show back in May. That was my first U2 concert. I liked it so much I decided to take my younger son for his 11th birthday present. I know, how unselfish of me! I'll let my son take the review from here. It was amazing! It was also the first concert I'd ever been to and it may have been too good of one to start with. Everyone says Adam is never happy, but I saw him sneak a couple smiles here and there. I thought that Bono might break the drum in Love and Peace, and I totally believe Edge is from another planet. That was an awesome set! I thought it was the perfect icing on the cake when Larry Mullen Jr. took Bono's hat and walked off. I hope I get another birthday present like this next year. Paul here again...Personally I think Bono is the one from another planet. But I totally agree with Alec about Larry taking Bono's hat at the end of 40. Although the applause threw the timing off for the fans continuing to sing at the end. I wouldn't have wanted it to end any other way...it was priceless! I only wish my dad would have taken me to a sweet concert when I was 11.

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