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by Kristy Mikos

Lemme try this again.

So many people have said it very well already, that I dunno what to add. Wednesday's show was really excellent. Not the *best* U2 show I've ever been to, but a really great show. I agree with everyone's raves.

For me, the highlights were Edge rockin' like mad around the circle for Electric Co. (one of two songs I really wanted to hear this concert), Bono's story about Edge coming from the future, incredibly heartfelt versions of Miracle Drug and SYCMIOYO, Bullet & SBS blew me away, and the awesome version of Fast Cars (the other song I wanted to hear) with the amazing dancing chick with no name!

For those interested, here's a pretty accurate (maybe not 100%) version of what Bono said about Edge. I believe it was before Miracle Drug. Edge was playing two notes over and over and Bono said this little bit over it. He'd say a sentence, then pause, and say another. It was too funny!

"Yes, it's true,
Edge is from the future.
And not just from the future,
but another galaxy in the future (Band cracks up)
And his spaceship landed in Dublin.
And it was making that noise.
Those are beautiful notes.
They're from the future. (Band laughs like crazy)
Then he came out of his spaceship,
and Larry said, 'Where are you from?'
and Edge said, 'the future.' (Edge cracks up)
And Adam said, 'What's it like there?'
And Edge said, 'Better.' (Band a little serious)
And I said, 'Can I come with you?' (Everyone laughs) 'Are you sure?'"

I think Bono did that cause the entire floor reeked of weed at that point, LOL! Decided to mess with everyone's minds. Too funny!

My camera is messed up, but I'll put up the best pix I have. Enjoy!


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