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by Meridith

It has taken me close to 72 hours to sit down and write down my review of the 9/21 Chicago concert. The last night of U2's shows in Chicago seem to always be extra special. We were at the Chicago 4 show in May and although this concert was similar in a sense, it was all together unique and mind-blowing in itself.

My best friend and I baked in the 91 degree afternoon sun outside of the United Center with hopes of the boys stopping to mingle with their fans. They were running really late, so we were left with a waive & generous smile from Larry, Adam, Edge ... and, finally, Bono.

This night would be my daughters first U2 concert. They have been raised on U2 music since they were babes and were quite excited about what the show ... I was probably more excited to be able to share this night with them.

From the opening of City of Blinding Lights to the spine-tingling drumming of Larry as he lead us in 40, it was indeed a powerful show. Words cannot do justice for the melodic picture that the boys from Ireland framed to bid adeu to my hometown. I'm just speechless of the closing moments ... an entire stadium singing the chorus ... first Bono walks away, then Adam, Edge ... music stops ... crowd still singing in unison ... Larry sitting silently at his kit ... after a few seconds he begins this drum beat that surprises you at first, but then you feel it touching your entire soul ... the drumming ends and Larry walks up to the front mic and grabs the cowboy hat left on the stand by Bono and he puts it on, waives and walks on. Afterall, it still his his band.

Other highlights: Fast Cars, Miracle Drug, All Because of You.

I asked my 13-year-old earlier today what her favorite part of the show was and she it was when the band played Sunday Bloody Sunday. "It was cool when the put the lights on and you could see all the people jumping & dancing around." ... and she was right there with them.

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