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U2 Concerts in Arcadia Ballroom

U2 has performed 1 times in Arcadia Ballroom. Those performances included   unique songs and an overall total of 14 songs.

Arcadia Ballroom is located in Cork,  Ireland

The Arcadia was one of the premier ballrooms in the southern part of Ireland througout the ballroom era of the 1950's onwards. Sadly, the Arcadia was demolished to make way for student apartments which were opened in late 2007. The Arcadia, more fondly known as ‘the Arc', was a famous Northside Cork dance hall on the Lower Road. Many people went in single, met their true love there and went on to marry. Michael Prendergast opened it in 1924, first as a roller-skating rink, which wasn't very successful. That option was tried twice more, the last time in the 1970's. It had several owners over the 79 years; first Michael Prendergast, who died in 1937, then his son Michael Junior, who died at the great age of 93 on Valentine's Day. 1984. His son Peter also ran the Arc for many years, coming up with the idea of the Blue Room, where it cost two shillings to get in and hear jazz musicians play on Sunday nights. The Prendergasts owned the Arcadia for 61 years before selling it in 1985 to CIE, who used it as a social club. the Arcadia became the first temple of sound in Cork and hosted many great acts, like Molly O'Shea's band in the 1930's or later on Pat Crowley.

Arcadia Ballroom Website

Date Venue Name
Jul 28, 1979 Arcadia Ballroom