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U2 Concerts in Butzweilerhof

U2 has performed 1 times in Butzweilerhof. Those performances included   unique songs and an overall total of 23 songs.

Butzweilerhof is located in Cologne,  Germany

Butzweilerhof was the first civillian airport of the city of Cologne and was constructed in 1911. Thanks to its central location it soon became the second largest airport in Germany, after Berlin-Tempelhof. Butzweilerhof has always been a popular place for large crowds, and U2 performed at the airfield for 60,000 during the Popmart tour. Between 1996 and 1999 it was the location of the Bizarre-Festivals. However, since the start of the millenium the airport was disused and by 2010 much of the former airport had dissapeared with most of the runway removed and buildings demolished, though the name Butzweilerhof lives on in the aircraft museum of Cologne.

Butzweilerhof Website

Date Venue Name
Jul 27, 1997 Butzweilerhof