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U2 Concerts in Dandelion Market

U2 has performed 10 times in Dandelion Market. Those performances included   unique songs and an overall total of 48 songs.

Dandelion Market is located in Dublin,  Ireland

After opening on Pembroke Lane in 1970, Dandelion Market moved to Lesson Close before settling in a warehouse and open lot near St. Stephen’s Green in 1973. Vendors sold clothes, artwork, and toys in their stalls lined up in rows throughout the market. The selection and prices made the market a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

Buskers and bands were a staple of Dandelion Market experience and the up and coming U2 performed there eight times in 1979. In U2 by U2, Larry describes the gigs as being legendary and the market as the place where U2 hit their stride.

The Dandelion Market, which closed in 1981, stood on the location of the current Saint Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. Its final days were documented in a news report by RTE.

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