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by Aaron Smith

Well Well. its nearly 5 years and I've only just got around to writing a review. Darren's review really does some it all up. how surreal it all was with the celebs there, and this was my first time i had seen U2 this close. 4 time before at zoo TV and popmart.

I won my tickets Live on virgin radio only 2 days before after answering the right question to Chris Evens. My tickets were the VIP's tickets that allowed me to sit with the celebs, but i stayed down stairs in the pit, and boy was that the roughest gig i have even been too. I almost had my arm broke at one point, really!

Bono's voice sounded odd.......why, because it was the first time in my life that i could hear it with my own ears coming from his mouth and NOT just through the PA system. That's how close i was. Reaching out like lepers trying to touch Jesus. It was unspeakable. Musically the sound was amazing clear.
The bass was so hard that i had to stand on tip toes as the sub-frequency made my testicles hurt. I promise, I'm not joking here. It really happened.
I remember John Hurt looking down at me and having my voice on the radio was all amazing. But "40" at the end of the night. Was really the greatest of all U2 moments. I didn't realize that U2 were a Rock band before that, but they really Rock harder than i expected.
So after not sleeping for 3 or 4 days and only getting the tickets in the afternoon before the gig and not really knowing what was going on! i was in a right state. The gig was like a hazy dream. In truth, I was totally starstruck which was a shame. I enjoyed the elevation and vertigo tours more at the front than anything else Getting used to seeing them close now, and can enjoy the music more with out the overwhelming emotion of seeing your heroes up close and personal. Glad I was there....... you bet ya. I saw the greatest band in the world crowned the greatest band of all time that night! History will proclaim it!

I asked God if i could go to this, and He said Yes.
The week after this Gig i wrote my first song.

Aaron Smith (21 June 2005)

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