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by Erling Laursen

Summer in Denmark - threatening rain - and yet it turned into a magnificent evening.

We met a band well prepared. It was the second show in Horsens in 2 days so everything was so ready from the start - not at least the audience.

I was standing in second row in the innercircle, so I didn't see much of "The Claw" and the amazing lightshow. But I saw a band that really did function. THe way Bono was swinging in the microphone wire indicates that the bag problems are under control - there was a lot of energy

Naturally a show like this is filled with good stuff. I will though look back on this show on two songs "Still haven't found" and "With or without you". The work together band/audience was truly magnificent and the crowd turned into the best choir I have heard. After finishing "With or witout you" the audience just kept on singing - very loud and beautiful. Bono wanted to say thanks, but when the "choir" reached the ending and Bono stepped to the microphone everybody just started over, so Bone had to wait 4 times to say his thanks. It's was great""

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