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by Mike Vegas

Something special happened last week in the swamps of Jersey and the people there to witness it will speak of it for years to come. The reviews already posted speak of the amazing show, which I saw from deep inside the heart. Unbelievable. No better experience for a concert than to be close enough to U2 to see stitching on their clothing to prove they're real.

Really, though, a U2 show is about people- the people I met in line- Rollie, Nia, Claire, Caroline, Jenny (but I knew her), Kristen, at her first U2 show... these people are the best. We braved the downpours and linejumpers and were well-rewarded.

One bone of contention I have is for the several people who say that Bullet should be dropped from the setlist. Besides being a completely unique song- who else besides THIS band could pull it off- I'm becoming fascinated that it has morphed from a Salvador protest song set in Reagan's America to a gun protest song set in Bush 2 (Electric Boogaloo)'s America. It disconcerts me to no end that Americans are ignorant of the problems of gun ownership and the Second Amendment. Hey, I personally own guns, but the moment I have a child of my own is the day guns are banned from my house.

That all said, I'd like to thank everyone I met over the 2 days I spent at the Meadowlands. Great, great, great people.

I told a lot of people this, and when I get around to posting on the 6/22 show you can read more details, but I'm writing an article about U2 fans and their obsessions. You want to share or add 2 cents' worth, email me...

brew, from vegas

p.s. was it just me or did springsteen sneak out for adam and play a little bass?

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