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by Lars Radmer

It was the best concert in my life!

I arrived at the area at 1:00 pm and was surprised, there were already thousands of people there. When the show began therewere !!!!! 150 000 !!!!! people in the place.

I travelled 1300 km (800 miles) by car to see the show again (I was also at the show in Hanover, near my hometown) and I will never regret this long way.

Two days earlier at the show in Roma a man died during the show because of a heart attack and Bono dedicated the concert to that man. Bono also seemed to be very exited about the lots of people who where there to see the show. When they played the older songs and everybody was singing it was really overwhelming.

Bono said: " This was one of the greatest moments in my whole life. " And at the end of the show he said : "Mille gracie Reggio, you gave four Irish boys an evening they'll never forget!"

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