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by Jannie Momberg

Well it was fantastic!

Highlights: Mofo- during the intro Bono sang 'Mother City Mother City'. Cape Town is known as the mother city. Last night on earth sounded great. It's not one of my favourites on 'Pop', but it sounded great on Monday night. Sunday Bloody Sunday by the Edge was dedicated to his parents which were in the crowd. Bono made lots of references to South Africa. Staring at the Sun was dedicated to Kadar Asmal the South African Minister of Water Affairs. He's an old buddy of the band and especially Paul Mc. from his days in exile in Dublin.

The screen looked great. The techno references in the show was done very well. Hold Me thrill me... sounded better than the studio version. We even sang happy bithday to Adam. The sound was crystal clear. I'll be flying to Johannesburg on Thursday night for the last show on Saturday. Lucky me...

After following Popmart for over a year on the internet and through the press it has been great seeing the real thing. Now I want some more.

PS - Pity they didn't play Miami, one of my favourites.

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