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by Shawn Bison

After an absolutely beautiful train journey through the Swiss Alps from Holland, I landed in Zurich, only to be greeted by the nicest townsfolk I've met on my European jaunt thus far. Taxicab drivers, cheese sellers, and train ticket booth operators --- all kind and helpful. Upon arriving at the venue, I even befriended some fine Czech folk who had been waiting in line since 2:00 in the morning. They prepared a delicious meal for me and even gave me tools to do some light washing of my hands and face. It has been a glorious day.

You would not believe this, but one of the girls I attended the show with (Janice) is now lending me her Palm Pilot (with Web access) as I upload this review. U2 is currently playing With Or Without You, a song that I've repeatedly said that they should shelve... but they just don't listen. Like many other fans, I was excited to hear Miss Sarajevo again. The song causes many goosebumps and spine-tingling sensations for me and it' sjust what the band needed to change things slightly on this tour and bring in a new emotional element for their four-part opera called Vertigo 2005. This was indeed the highlight for me tonight (and last night) and probably will be again at the next show. I am 100% delighted.

I can;t wait to go back with my new friends to the Zurich 200 Bar on Pornache Street (famous amongst locals). We will eat, drink, dance, and have cake!

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