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by TJ

I was at the show last night and they sounded great but the show was ok...Elevation was the best song all night and had great crowd participation as well....Why Vertigo was played is beyond me...Years ago I understand why...You ran out of songs...Now you have plenty.....Smarten up boys your smarter than that...It was nice to hear Running to Stand Still other than I did not like the way it was played...Onto the ellipse...Why have it if the band isn't going to take advantage of it and they didn't...No acoustical set down on the ellipse...If your going to play Species and Yahweh then you should somehow work Crumbs into the set....One of the best songs on the album and it doesn't get played????...I know many other U2 fans that feel the same....Overall a good show but nothing special like the October 2001 shows at MSG...Boys just go out there and play and mix it up a bit is it that tough....Especially since alot of your loyals attend more than one show including myself...14 to go...Sister Ann I'm sure would like to hear Crumbs as well....

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