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by Emily.C

Its a few days after the concert now but after reading everyone else's reviews i feel prompted to add my views :)
This was the first ever concert i went to and me and my mate got to the arena at 8:15am just cos we needed to get into that heart, and boy was it worth it!
First on was Kelis and i thought the fans gave her a bad show; she did the best she could and played some real load stuff, i think the main problem was that most of the ppl there had seen here twice already a manchester so were pretty bored.
As soon as U2 got on the show was exactly as i thought it would be, i was in the 2nd row and v close to bono (eek!) and he gave a real heart felt performance considering his dad's ill health. Highlights had to be Kite, the bull fighting on UTEOTW, wake up dead man and WTSHNN - this is where bono was in his element and laughing and having a great time which prompted the audience to shift up a gear. I was always looking forward to One and it was especially poignant when bono sang "do u hear him coming lord" he had real anger on his face and was pretty subdued again.
All in all the concert exceeded my expectations, there were no gimmiks, just brilliant lighting and a great performance.
Unforgettable. Cheers boys!!!

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