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by Jim

I saw U2 when they came in 2006 and was expecting something new, but found this show to be neither good or bad, somewhere in the middle. I felt the lighting design was 10 years old and was the biggest let down of the show. Nothing new was seen compared to the last tour and I saw muse in 2006 and their show was one tenth the size and felt 20 times better.

If you as easily amused by a large tv screen that moves up and down then you will think this show is awesome, as that is all you seem to do for two hours, watch tv. There are a lot of gimmicks in the show that I felt were shallow attemtps to make me go woo, instead I sat in my seat thinking, 40 million dollars for this?

The highlight of the show was hearing hold me thrill me kiss me kill me, live for the first time, and it is a stadium song, it sounded friggin awesome. I would give the show a 5/10, it sounded far better than the last tour, very glad I took my moulded ear plugs.

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