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by GT Johnson

I've been watching U2 shows since "War", and much of the crowd looked like me- people that were in their late teens/early twenties when U2 was an up-and-comer. There were a lot of parents with kids, and twenty-somethings, yet the younger crowd didn't seem to know the older tunes.

After having seen a lot of U2 shows, this one had some high points- "Miss Saravo" being one. Compared to the other U2 shows I have seen for over 20 years, the boys seemed to be going through the motions in a lot of ways. Bono was trying to come across as excited, yet it looked like a guy who was trying to convince himself that he was excited to be at the show.

After traveling the world seeing many, many concerts I would have given this one a rating of a "B/B-." : An "A" for set and light design.

Also, I'm not sure what it is with uptight Houston crowds, yet they need to loosen up. "Electric Co." is rocking and people are leaving for the bathrooms/concessions? Houston crowds could learn a lot from Detroit, Chicago and London.

Compared to the Green Day show two months ago, Green Day trumped U2 at the Toyota Center this year.

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