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U2 Tour: October - 1st Leg (Europe)

U2 performed 30 times during the 1st Leg (Europe) portion of the October tour. Those performances included   unique songs and an overall total of 297 songs.

All concert dates, venues and setlists on U2Tours.com are confirmed and verified by using the most accurate sources available including firsthand attendance, audio and video recordings, and extensive archival research. 

Special thanks go to Pimm Jal de la Parra, Caroline van Oosten de Boer and Matt McGee for the inspiration to take it further.

Date Location
October - 1st Leg (Europe)
Oct 01, 1981 Norwich, England at University of East Anglia
Oct 02, 1981 Nottingham, England at Rock City
Oct 03, 1981 Salford, England at University
Oct 04, 1981 Glasgow, Scotland at Tiffany's
Oct 06, 1981 Coventry, England at Warwick University
Oct 07, 1981 Leicester, England at Polytechnic
Oct 08, 1981 Sheffield, England at Lyceum Theatre
Oct 09, 1981 Newcastle Upon Tyne, England at Mayfair Ballroom
Oct 10, 1981 Liverpool, England at Royal Court Theater
Oct 12, 1981 Brighton, England at Top Rank Suite
Oct 13, 1981 Portsmouth, England at Locarno
Oct 14, 1981 London, England at BBC Broadcasting House - Radio 1 Studios
Oct 14, 1981 Cardiff, Wales at Top Rank Suite
Oct 16, 1981 Stoke-on-Trent, England at King's Hall
Oct 17, 1981 Bracknell, England at Sports Centre
Oct 18, 1981 Bristol, England at Locarno
Oct 19, 1981 Birmingham, England at Locarno
Oct 20, 1981 Leeds, England at Tiffany's
Oct 21, 1981 Hempstead, England at Dacorum Pavilion
Oct 23, 1981 Brussels, Belgium at Ancienne Belgique
Oct 24, 1981 Deinze, Belgium at Brielpoort
Oct 25, 1981 Herenthout, Belgium at Zaal Lux
Oct 26, 1981 Paris, France at Elysee Montmartre
Oct 28, 1981 Leiden, Netherlands at Stadsgehoorzaal
Oct 29, 1981 Tilburg, Netherlands at De Harmonie
Oct 30, 1981 Amsterdam, Netherlands at Paradiso
Oct 31, 1981 Arnhem, Netherlands at Stokvishal
Nov 01, 1981 Rotterdam, Netherlands at De Lantaarn
Nov 03, 1981 Hamburg, Germany at Fabrik
Nov 04, 1981 Berlin, Germany at Metropol
October - 1st Leg (Europe)