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U2 Concert:
Jul 13, 1985 at London

Tour: Miscellaneous  
Venue: Wembley Stadium (I) 
Location: LondonEngland 

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Attendance: 72,000  (Capacity: 72,000)


Main Set

  1. Sunday Bloody Sunday (video)
  2. Satellite Of Love (snippet), Bad (video), Ruby Tuesday (snippet), Sympathy For The Devil (snippet), Walk On The Wild Side (snippet)


  1. Do They Know It's Christmas All-Star finale with Bono (video)

Releases Represented:

  1. The Unforgettable Fire had 1 songs
  2. War had 1 songs
  3. Solo Material had 1 songs


U2 performs at Live Aid, the Bob Geldof-organized charity concert to raise money for Ethiopian famine victims. Actor Jack Nicholson introduces U2 from Philadelphia while the band performs in London. During "Bad," Bono breaks one of Bob Geldof's rules when he climbs down from the stage to dance with a girl in front of the crowd. U2's planned set includes "Pride" as the final song, but it's dropped because "Bad" lasts an incredible 13 minutes -- much of which sees Bono off-stage, out of the band's sight. Having not played "Pride," U2's biggest hit to date and the song most of the billions watching on TV would know best, the band feels like their performance is a failure.

Bono is particularly upset with himself, and later says:

"I was trying to find an image that would be remembered for the day. I was not happy with just playing our songs and getting out of there. I wanted to find that moment. Of course, afterwards, I got a terrible time from the band. I was almost fired. Because I had climbed on roofs, I had left stages before, I had climbed on PA stacks, I had jumped into the crowds, I had physical confrontations in crowds, but this was the worst one for them, to leave them for what felt like hours, apparently. Larry told me he was going to stop playing. This was a big show for our band, there were a billion people watching, and we didn't do our big song. Everyone was very annoyed with me, I mean, very annoyed."

Bono is so depressed that he reportedly thinks about leaving U2. He decides to take some personal time to sort through his feelings and emotions. He escapes to the Irish country, to a small town where Ali has family. There, Bono meets a sculptor who is working on a statue called The Leap, inspired by Bono's dance with the young girl at Live Aid. Bono rethinks the idea that he had made a mistake.

Many journalists pick U2 and Queen as the top performances of the day. The band’s album sales rise worldwide after Live Aid, and U2 later wins Rolling Stone magazine’s Readers’ Poll award for Best Performance at Live Aid.


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